Intensive Outpatient Programs: Are They Right For You?

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If you are dealing with a mental health crisis and you need help, an intensive outpatient program may be a part of your treatment journey. These intensive programs are meant for those who either continue treatment after an inpatient or residential program has concluded or for those who need deeper treatment while still maintaining flexibility in their lives. Here is what you need to know about treating your mental health and some of the different programs that can help you:

How Does an Intensive Outpatient Program Treat Mental Health Issues?

If you have recently stayed in an inpatient mental health treatment program or another type of intensive program, an outpatient program may be the next step in your recovery. An inpatient program is meant to treat those who are a danger to themselves or others. These programs help you gain stability after a medical issue connected to your mental health decline. After you are discharged from an inpatient program, an intensive outpatient program allows you to continue your treatment while still having the flexibility to go home each day and continue in your daily life.

What Does an Intensive Outpatient Program Teach?

Those who have mental health problems often struggle in other areas of life. In addition to therapy and counseling sessions to help you improve your mental health, you may also have the opportunity to improve your life skills and learn how to improve relationships.

What Types of Issues Are Treated by an Intensive Outpatient Program?

An intensive outpatient program addresses a number of issues a person may struggle with. This can include anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, or borderline personality disorder. These issues are treated using a combination of counseling, group therapy, behavioral therapy, and classes in social skills.

Does an Intensive Outpatient Program Help Substance Abuse?

An intensive outpatient program can help with substance abuse. There is another option you can utilize. A partial hospitalization program is another outpatient program that helps to address mental health along with addiction recovery. These programs often offer a higher level of care and are beneficial as you transition back into your daily life after an inpatient stay. These treatments can last for several weeks with many hours of treatment each day, depending on your needs.

If you are struggling with your mental health and need help, consider seeking help with an intensive outpatient program. Speak to a therapist to learn more about intensive outpatient therapy programs