ABA Therapy Can Help Prepare Your Child For School

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The transition from learning at home to big-kid school is a major adjustment for all children. Yet, children with autism sometimes face additional challenges with this transition. ABA therapy can be especially beneficial for children within this group; learn why. 

Functional Skills

Going to school is a big sign of independence. To ensure your child feels comfortable, there are certain functional skills that you may want to teach your child, such as going to the bathroom or eating independently. This therapy is all about meeting the child where they are at and using their current skills to help them cultivate more of these functional skills so that the child can more easily assimilate with their peers. 

Social Development

Across the board, the social adjustment is often the one challenge that most children face. The child is no longer at home or with those individuals whom they feel most comfortable. ABA therapy provides autistic children with valuable skills for meeting and maintaining relationships with their peers, on a level that is targeted toward the abilities of the child. For instance, non-verbal children would not be forced to work on skills only beneficial for a high-functioning child.

Emotional Empowerment

ABA therapy guides children with autism towards a place of emotional empowerment. The therapy aims to show the child how to respond when meant with frustration and what not to do through examples and alternative forms of expression or de-escalation, It'll even teach them how to ask for help if they feel overwhelmed. Combined, these tools give the child the support they need to encounter all sorts of situations that will present themselves in the school environment. 

Peace of Mind

There is often a great deal of focus placed on the adjustment period that children go through when they go to school for the first time. However, the reality is that the experience is just as stressful for parents. The idea of knowing that you will not be there to right every wrong your child faces can feel overwhelming and cause anxiety. As you watch your child advance through ABA therapy, you can gain a renewed sense of confidence that your child is ready and equipped.

Setting a child up for success from the very beginning is the goal of every parent. Enlisting the help of an ABA therapy professional is one way you can help put your child on a path to a more successful and less stressful time at school. Speak with a therapy professional to learn more about what is offered.