The Benefits of Grief Counseling for Children

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Losing someone you love is never easy. But when a child loses someone close to them, they may struggle even more than an adult would. Children are less familiar with death, and changes in their daily routine that come after a significant death can add trauma to the situation. Taking your child to a grief counselor, even for just a few sessions, can be a great help. Here are a few benefits of grief counseling for kids.

1. Grief counseling gives children someone supportive to talk to.

As your child's parent, you probably hope that they can confide all of their fears and insecurities in you. But when it comes to grief, this just might not be possible. You've lost someone too, and since you are struggling with grief yourself, your child may not want to burden you with their feelings and concerns. A grief counselor is a neutral third-party who your child can feel comfortable sharing with. Even just expressing their feelings to this person can help them come to terms with their loss and begin to heal.

2. Grief counseling gives children a safe space to process the loss.

Kids can feel overwhelmed by the fact that, as they are dealing with the loss of a loved one, the world keeps on turning around them. School obligations don't go away. Neither do chores. It can feel, to some, like the world is not making space for the loss they're experiencing. Grief counseling makes space for that loss. Once a week for an hour or so, your child does not have to do anything but think about the person they have lost and their feelings related to the matter. This helps them feel like their loss is important and recognized.

3. Grief counseling provides a way forward.

Once your child has begun to process their grief, the counselor will help them devise strategies for moving forward. They may teach them techniques to remain motivated in spite of their grief and coach them on responses they can use when their lost loved one is brought up in conversation. These strategies will ensure that your child keeps moving forward in life rather than getting stuck in the trauma they have just experienced.

If your child has lost someone they loved, then consider enrolling them for a few sessions with a grief counselor. This sort of children's therapy will help them feel more safe, secure, and confident during this trying time.