When A Career Coach Is Also A Counselor: The Best Of Both Worlds For You

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Stuck in a rut and cannot find a career that works? Been fired from several jobs? There is always a reason behind these work-related issues, but you may not see or recognize them. Since most employers are not going to tell you what is wrong with you and why the work relationship did not work, you may need to seek some professional help. This could come in the form of a cognitive behavioral therapist, but it could also be a career coach. If you can find someone that is both, that is even better.

Behaviors That Cost You Your Job

Personality traits and particular behaviors are already ingrained in the adult brain by a certain age. Some of these traits and behaviors may have cost you your job in the past, in which case the career coach who is also a licensed therapist can help you narrow down which behaviors are responsible. The therapist side helps you identify and recognize the behaviors with the most negative impact on your career, while the career coach side of this same person can help you develop ways in which to stop or prevent these behaviors while you are working.

One such behavior is an explosive temper. Identifying that you have a quick temper also allows you to identify the triggers. Then you are taught how to identify these triggers before your temper begins to escalate, and then you learn how to cope, walk away, etc. If you cannot gain immediate control (and this will take time to learn), the career coaching provided by your dual professional will help you direct your energy in a way that is more positive and productive to your employer. 

Retraining and Reframing to Problem-Solve

When your career coach is also your therapist, you can get double the benefit of this person's expertise. He/she not only helps you retrain your brain and behaviors, but also helps you reframe the things that disrupt your workflow and cause you to erupt or become stagnant in your work. In turn, these behavior- and work-related problems are treated in a manner that helps you develop better problem-solving skills, coping skills, stress management skills, and any other pertinent skills that help you get a job and keep it indefinitely. When your behavior is directly linked to career success, this dual-assistance professional is a big help to you, not to mention a very convenient one.