Proper Steps To Take If Your Teen Is Addicted To Pornography

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If you caught your teenager looking at pornography online, you are most likely concerned about this action. Your child's activity in viewing of pornography can be an uncomfortable situation for a parent to address, but is necessary for the well-being of your child. Here are some tips you can use to effectively deal with this problem appropriately so it does not escalate in intensity or frequency.

Deal With The Problem Head-On

Many parents think that their child may have been experimenting with new ventures in the viewing of nudity and sexual acts in a pornographic nature, leading them to believe it was a one time occurrence they don't need to address. It is, however, best to alert your child about your findings so they are aware of your knowledge in the matter. Gently inform your child that you are available to discuss any questions they have about sex in general and indicate that pornography is not a true portrayal of what partners engage in during real life situations. Tell your child you prefer they did not watch this type of material so they know it is not a desired activity to be involved in, possibly helping them to stop the action as a result.

Know The Signs Of A Problem

After your initial discussion, be on the lookout for signs of additional pornographic watching. This includes sudden depression which is a result of your child's inability to stop an addictive behavior. If your teen tends to hide their electronic usage, stay up late at night online, or stop engaging in activities or hobbies with others or that they used to enjoy, there may be a problem to deal with in more detail. Monitor your teen's Internet usage via your cable or cell phone provider to determine how much time they are online. If your child uses a home computer, the history can be tracked to find out what sites were accessed.

Give Your Child Alternatives

Putting restrictions on the amount of time your child spends online, as well as putting parental controls on any of their devices, can be helpful in keeping curiosity at bay. If your teen is above legal age, consider limiting the amount of time you allow them to use their electronic devices while living at your home. This can be done with the use of password protection for your WiFi. Change the password at times you do not wish your teen to be online while living under your roof.

Make it a priority to spend quality time with your teen and encourage them to try new activities with friends and other family members. This will provide an alternative to electronic use, helping to keep pornographic material from being viewed as a result. Counseling is an option that will be beneficial in stopping the habit completely. Talk to a company like Lifeline to see what suggestions they have for your teens pornography addiction.