How Depression Attacks Your Child & Signs To Watch Out For

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Your child may seem fine on the outside, but a dangerous foe could be dragging him or her down into the dark side of depression. You should be aware of the different ways that depression may attack your child and the signs of depression. The following guide will help you with that. 

How Depression Attacks Your Child

Depression affects about 2.5 percent of children in the U.S., and you should try to keep your child out of that percentage. The following may raise the risk of falling into depression:

You can talk to a counselor about other life events that may affect your child as he or she will be able to give you other incidents that might increase the risk of depression.

Signs of Depression

Watch out for some of the following signs:

Talk to a counselor (such as one from Living Hope Clinic) about any of these symptoms, as he or she should be able to get to the bottom of your child's issues. But, as you can see, there is a lot to understand when it comes to childhood depression. And you can take this knowledge to help your child.